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OMEX Agrifluids

Established in England in 1993, OMEX  Agrifluids has grown to be a leader in plant nutrition fertilizer technology worldwide.

OMEX Agrifluids develops, manufactures and exports a unique range of plant nutrient fertilizers and plant health promoters.  The majority of the product range is designed for foliar application, but specialised seed treatments and a wide variety of high grade water soluble NPK powders for fertigation are also available.

OMEX fertilizers are manufactured to the highest quality standards using complex suspension chemistry to improve plant health and performance for the agriculture and horticulture industry.  A team of agronomists is on hand to give technical support and advice to customers worldwide.

OMEX Bio Lab facilitates plant growth and seed germination trials which are carried out in environmentally controlled conditions, replicating growth conditions faced by customers. 

OMEX is committed to continuing research and development in order to offer farmers the most effective products on the market.



OMEX manufactures and distributes its energy, construction, water and deicing product range globally.

OMEX manufactures and supplies nutrients and neutralisers for all types of biological wastewater treatment and biogas plants. OMEX's range of products is designed to ensure optimised operation and overcome potential problems that can occur with modern effluent and septicity treatment.

For Anaerobic Digesters OMEX specialises in customised solutions to meet the individual micronutrient needs of specific anaerobic systems and operational requirements. OMEX will assess a plant's needs by laboratory analysis of influent and effluent flows and will produce a tailor-made solution in a form that is fully bioavailable in anaerobic conditions.

OMEX is also the main UK supplier of non-hazardous solid and liquid deicers, approved by both the UK and US Aerospace and runway construction standards and by water authorities and environmental agencies.

All OMEX products are available in bulk deliveries as well as 1000L, 200L, 20L and 10L containers.


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