OMEX Group

OMEX is a privately owned business that was established in 1976 in England.  OMEX has developed into a dynamic group of companies operating throughout the world. Specialist knowledge of fluid dynamics has allowed OMEX to manufacture complex liquid formulations for use in many industries, ranging from agriculture to energy.

OMEX works with international universities, research institutes, trials organisations and commercial partners to constantly improve formulations and develop high performing products for our customers.

Mission Statement

OMEX’s mission is to develop and market the most effective scientifically proven products and services for Agriculture and Industry, maximising efficiency for our customers whilst minimising environmental impact.


OMEX consists of the following companies:



OMEX Agrifluids Ltd manufactures and markets speciality fertilisers in over sixty countries around the world, working closely with distributors to provide excellent technical solutions to growers. The product range includes foliar fertilisers, plant health promoters, biostimulants, organic fertilisers and soluble powders.

OMEX Agriculture Inc (Canada) manufactures and markets speciality fertilizers throughout Canada providing a complete range of seed primers, starters and foliar products. The programmed approach to crop nutrition produces maximum yields in the short growing seasons.

OMEX Agrifluids Inc (USA) is based in Selma and Madera, California and manufactures foliar fertilizers and crop nutrients.

OMEX Agrifluids do Brasil Ltda specialises in crop health promotion and optimising plant nutrition. A wide range of crop nutrient products for application via soil, seed and the crop canopy are marketed.


OMEX Environmental Ltd manufactures and distributes its energy, construction, water and deicing product range globally.  OMEX manufactures and supplies nutrients and neutralisers for all types of biological wastewater treatment and biogas plants. OMEX's range of products is designed to ensure optimised operation and overcome potential problems that can occur with modern effluent and septicity treatment.

For Anaerobic Digesters OMEX specialises in customised solutions to meet the individual micronutrient needs of specific anaerobic systems and operational requirements. OMEX will assess a plant’s needs by laboratory analysis of influent and effluent flows and will produce a tailor-made solution in a form that is fully bioavailable in anaerobic conditions.

OMEX is also the main UK supplier of non-hazardous solid and liquid deicers, approved by both the UK and US Aerospace and runway construction standards and by water authorities and environmental agencies.



OMEX Agriculture Ltd is a major manufacturer of liquid fertilisers in the UK. OMEX Agriculture Ltd offers the farmer a total crop nutrition package through its range of unique suspension fertilisers, solution fertilisers, foliar nutrients, health promoters and supporting agricultural services.

OMEX Horticulture offers a complete nutrition and advisory service to growers in the soft fruit, top fruit, ornamental, protected salads and turf & amenity sectors.


OMEX Environmental Ltd is at the cutting edge of anaerobic digestion, developing bio-available micronutrient supplements to maximise the efficiency of AD plants. OMEX Environmental Ltd also develops and markets a range of nutrients and neutralisers for all types of waste water treatment as well as liquid deicing agents for runways, roads and footpaths.

Our Directors

OMEX has a strong and highly motivated team of directors.  Some of the senior team began their career in OMEX at grass roots level and have grown and developed along with the companies.

The team has grown the OMEX brand massively over the past few decades, and continue to inspire and innovate within a competitive market.


Directors of OMEX Agrifluids Ltd

O Winkler  

N Winkler

P Prentis

A Lowes

D O’Donnell

C Gipp

M Santos

M Bowyer


Directors of OMEX Environmental Ltd

O Winkler  

M Winkler

D Featherstone 

P Sheppardson

D Hanks


Directors of OMEX Agriculture Ltd

O Winkler    

M Winkler                                                  

K Atter

A Tootal

A Eccles

A Butler

R Burton