A growth stimulant which results in increased root growth and yield in a wide range of crops

Contains : Naturally occuring growth stimulants.

Crops: Most agricultural and horticultural crops including potatoes, cereals, oilseed rape, pulses, grassland, suagr beet, vegetables, bulbs and glasshouse crops.

Use: To enhance root growth which improves both yield and quality. Kelpak helps plants overcome periods of stress caused, for example, by drought, water logging or root damage.

Pack Size: 5 and 25 litres.

Kelpak - Function
Kelpak is a kelp concentrate which is manufactured using a unique cell-burst process without heat, chemical digestion or dehydration. This patented process ensures maximum retention of the growth stimulant found in the kelp. Kelpak also contains a wide range of nutrients, vitamins and amino acids.

Kelpak is manufactured using a unique cell-burst process without heat.

Why Use Kelpak?
Kelpak is unique. It differs from all other seaweed products available today in that it is a concentrate produced using a unique cold process which avoids damaging the natural growth stimulants.

Over 300 independent trials and extensive university research have demonstrated the benefits of Kelpak in producing exceptional root growth followed by healthy top growth.

Typical Analysis of Kelpak (per litre)

Growth Stimulants
Auxins 11mg Cytokinins 0.031mg
Proteins 3.0g Cobalt 0.30mg
Carbohydrates 16.9g Copper 0.20mg
Nitrogen 3.6g Fluorine 0.40mg
Phosphorus 8.20g Iodine 8.60mg
Potassium 7.20g Iron 13.60mg
Magnesium 200.00mg Boron 0.24mg
Manganese 8.40g Sulphur 0.64mg
Molybdenum 0.38mg Calcium 800.0mg
Nickel 0.43mg Sodium 80.0mg
Strontium 0.40mg Zinc 4.20mg
Amino Acids
Serine 208mg Phenylalanine 8mg
Methionine 72mg Aspartic acid 316mg
Hydroxyproline 36mg Glutamic acid 20mg
Alanine 280mg Tyrosine 332mg
Valine 150mg Ornithine 20mg
Glycine 140mg Lysine 272mg
Isoleucine 92mg Threonine 152mg
Leucine 180mg Proline 184mg
B1 0.908mg C 20.00mg
B2 0.08mg E 0.68mg

: Growers routinely apply Kelpak to encourage vigorous root growth improving the uptake of nutrients and resisting stress, especially that caused by Potato Cyst Nematode.

Cereals: Early applications of Kelpak can encourage rooting thus improving the uptake of nutrients and resisting stress. Late applications of Kelpak can improve the protein content of milling wheat which is particularly important in environmentally sensitive areas.



Rate l/ha


All Cereals 2 - 5 leaf stage

1.5 - 2

Increases tillering, root growth, protects against stress. An optional 2nd application may be made 3-6 weeks later
Milling Wheat Approx 3 weeks before harvest


Apply with Hypro or Protein Plus to improve Hagberg falling Number and protein
Oilseed Rape, Pulses As soon as spring growth is evident


Promotes root growth, protects against stress
Grassland Early spring. Repeat mid-summer or at re-tillering


Promotes vigorous spring growth, reduces die-back in late summer, aids recovery after grazing/cutting, helps establishment of new leys.
Potatoes 2 weeks after emergence


Promotes root growth, protects against stress. Improves yield of both saleable ware and seed. Reduces the impact if PCN
Sugar Beet 4 - 8 leaf stage


Promotes root growth, protects against stress, improves overall yield. May have a beneficial effect on sugar content
Vegetables 1 - 2 weeks after trasnplant


Repeat application may be made 14-21 days later to stimulate growth and improve shelf life
Maize 2 - 5 leaf stage


Increase root growth, protects against stress. An optional 2nd application may be made 3-6 weeks later

Organic Crops - Kelpomex
For growers of certified organic crops there is a special formulation called Kelpomex with full organic approval. Usage rates and other details are the same as Kelpak. Please contact Omex for further information.

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