Horticulture & Amenity

Building upon the strong technical background of over 30 years experience working in plant nutrition Omex Horticulture was formed in early 2005. It operates in the UK, offering a complete nutrition and advisory service to growers in the following sectors:

With our team of specialists, Omex Horticulture offers nutritional regimes and recommendations to UK growers backed by a range of analyses, from water, soil and tissue to the cutting edge SAP analysis.

These services help us to be more accurate giving a total fertiliser input to suit the crops needs reducing customer costs and effects on the environment. Omex horticulture tailors their feeds to suit the crops grown.

Supporting this, Omex Horticulture is pleased to offer an extensive range of nutritional products, using expert manufacturing techniques and the creation and development of advanced, unique technologies.

Dealing direct and through a network of merchants to the growers from three production sites Omex Horticulture aim to provide the highest level of customer service backed by solid agronomic advice and quality products.
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