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Better distribution of micronutrients in the field

OMEX Micronutrient Delivery System (MDS) is a range of concentrated aqueous based suspensions for coating granular fertilizer with essential micronutrients.

Boron, Copper, Manganese and Zinc are among the key micronutrients that are essential for healthy plant growth and optimised cropping. Micronutrients are generally available from the soil, however, following years of intensive farming and modern practices, they can become depleted and need replacing to ensure continued high yielding crops.

OMEX MDS has been specially formulated to coat every fertilizer granule with the required amount of micronutrient, to ensure an even application of micronutrients across the field, making it available to every plant at the earliest stages of growth.

MDS Product Range

Product Micronutrient  Micronutrient g/litre
    B Mn Cu Zn
MDS Copper 49% Cu         1000  
MDS Manganese 27% Mn       500    
MDS Zinc 48% Zn           1000
MDS ZB 17% Zn 8% B   125     250
MDS ZMB 18% Zn 9% Mn 5% B 100 167   334


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