Benefits of MDS

  • MDS is easy to use
  • MDS provides even coverage of all the fertilizer granules at low application volumes
  • MDS is a liquid formulation which elimated the generation of dust during mixing
  • Application of MDS takes into account the distribution of the fertilizer blend in the soil to maximise micronutrient usage efficiency and reduce cost.


MDS has been specially formulated to coat every fertilizer granule in the blend with the required amount of micronutrient. This ensures an even application of micronutrients across the field, making it available to every plant even at the earliest stages of growth







A blended granular fertilizer which is broadcast evenly at a rate of 150 kilogrammes per hectare equates to approximately 350-500 granules per 1m (this varies based on particular blend characteristics). If a 10% Zn product is added to this to apply 150g per hectare, there will only be 4-6 granules of zinc per 1m2.







Statistically, these 6 granules could be located anywhere within the 1m2, and there will often be uneven distribution of the micronutrients  resulting in large areas of the crop with little or no micronutrient availability from the addition.









To compensate for this, it has been common practice for the farmer to add micronutrients at a far greater rate than is required by the crop (on occasions up to 10 times the necessary rate) to ensure the micronutrient is available to most of the crop. This is an expensive fix. 








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