Soluble Powder Fertilizers (Dry Powders)

An extensive range of water soluble NPK fertilizers providing instantly available nutrients for plant uptake.  This range of advanced powder formulations is manufactured only from technical grade raw materials and blended to exacting quality standards.

The OMEX range may be used in all fertigation systems to provide a balanced nutrient programme containing NPK, magnesium and essential chelated micro elements. A coloured dye can also be included in each analysis.

Following dilution, the stock solution may be used in drip irrigation systems or applied as a foliar nutrient. The products are fully water soluble.


No Analysis
1 38-10-04+TE
2 13-00-45+TE
3 15-30-15+TE
4 28-14-14+TE
5 20-20-20+TE
6 18-18-18+TE+2MgO
7 16-09-26+TE+3MgO
8 33.5-00-12+TE
9 17-06-18+TE
10 12-15-35+TE
11 10-08-40+TE
12 15-15-30+TE
13 12-04-24+TE+6MgO
14 22-21-17+TE
15 12-12-36+TE
16 00-52-34+TE
17 12-23-28+TE
18 13-22-26+TE
19 13-40-13+TE
20 13-40-10+TE
21 30-10-10+TE

Other analyses available on request.


Stock solution strength is 1kg in 10L of water

Most crops then require a 1:100 – 1:200 dilution of this stock solution


Available in 10kg and 25kg bags.