Acidic Wastewater Treatment

Magmex is a magnesium hydroxide suspension and the modern choice for acidic wastewater treatment. Magmex is an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditionally used alkalis, Lime and Caustic Soda, which are hazardous and can cause high pH levels if not controlled correctly.

Magmex is safe, stable and easy to regulate, created for the control of pH levels of acidic wastewater streams which can be produced during industrial processes. Correct pH levels need to be reached in order to comply with legal regulations concerning discharge consent parameters. Magmex helps to maintain pH levels at around 9-9.5 ensuring biological plants are safe from overdose.


Due to its’ proven success in acidic wastewater neutralisation, Magmex can also be used in Anaerobic Digestors and Biogas Plants as a key factor in the growth of bacteria is pH levels.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient – Greater pH control eliminating peaks and high pHs.
  • Convenient – Less sludge produced.
  • Safe – Safer to handle and to use.
  • Economic – competitive pricing

Magmex can be supplied in a range of drums and for bulk application trials, OMEX can provide purpose-built Magmex trials units. See Services.


Magmex Range

A range of Magnesium Hydroxide suspensions for treating acidic wastewaters and controlling pH levels...