Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic Digestors are becoming increasingly popular worldwide as one of the main methods to produce renewable energy in the form of Biogas. AD plants process organic material (feedstock such as maize and slurry), into biogas by bacteria which digest the feedstock inside the plant and produce the by-products methane and carbon dioxide. In order to function effectively this bacterial performance must be optimised which means the plant will require a variety of nutrients for the correct bacterial growth and functionality.

OMEX has developed a range of bio available micronutrient solutions, to deal with nutrient deficiencies which can occur, called Nutromex TEA (Trace Element Additives), formulated to optimise microbial performance and has several years of experience providing micronutrient supplementation to AD plants in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

The challenge to supplying these nutrients is down to the anaerobic conditions themselves. Normal forms of the nutrients are locked up in the absence of oxygen and are unavailable to the bacteria. Nutromex TEA is easily available to the bacteria due to it’s Enhanced Bio Availability (eba™).



Active Fe

Active Iron for the desulphurisation of biogas plants


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Nutromex Biopack

A unique solution of bio-available trace elements and specially selected bacteria to supplement the...

Nutromex TEA Range

A range of bio available micronutrient supplements created for the anaerobic digester market.