Concrete Admixtures

Concrete accelerants are designed to increase the speed of concrete strength development, modifying the properties of concrete so it is able to withstand rapid drops in temperatures which are often associated with winter conditions.

OMEX supplies Anomex CA, a calcium nitrate solution developed for the construction industry as a multi-purpose concrete admixture. Calcium nitrate increases the rate of hydration of the concrete which results in a quicker setting time and increased concrete strength development.

Anomex CA is designed to be added to a concrete batch immediately before or during concrete mixing to accelerate setting time. It also works to prevent corrosion in reinforced concrete by forming a protective oxide layer around the steel reinforcement. In addition it counterbalances the retardation process due to other admixtures.




Anomex Ca Range

OMEX’s Anomex Ca range is a range of calcium nitrate liquid solutions designed for use in the...