OMEX manufactures and supplies an advanced range of non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-hazardous liquid and solid deicers. Liquid deicers are the most widely used form of non-corrosive deicer, especially on larger areas such as airport runways due to rapid and accurate application. OMEX also supply solid granular deicers for easy application in difficult to reach access areas. They are also ideal for use in amenity areas, where conventional salt can cause damage to plants and structures. OMEX deicers are supplied in a range of pack sizes from 10 litre drums to 1000 litre IBC containers to bulk tanker loads and 25 kg or 500 kg bags..


OMEX deicers provide extremely effective deicing performance in the most severe winter conditions. They are manufactured to strict quality control procedures and comply with all relevant industry standards.


Application is straightforward with a varied choice of applicators available, from a simple watering can with a fine rose and backpack sprayer, to pedestrian powered sprayers, to a range of towed sprayers.



A glycol based deicer for use at airports around the world.


A granular non-corrosive deicer.

Isomex 1

A conventional liquid deicer popular in civil and military airports.

Isomex 3

A potassium acetate liquid deicer which offers longer holdover.


Maintaining safe conditions for railway customers is vital throughout the winter.