Footpaths and Railway platforms

OMEX offers a variety of deicer solutions for footpaths and railway platforms throughout the world.


These include a cost-effective, fast-acting liquid deicer for use on footpaths, walkways, railway platforms, retail parks and car parks. Surefoot is an environmentally friendly and non-corrosive alternative to salt and is easy to apply. It is supplied in a variety of pack sizes, including 10, 20, 200 and 1,000 litres containers. Package offers are also available for the joint purchase of Surefoot and the Acuspray applicator and can be shipped thought the world.

Surefoot starts working immediately and doesn't leave any residue to be carried into carriages or impede automatic doors. It is applied quickly and cleanly and leaves an invisible ice protecting layer on the platform, preventing frost and ice taking hold.


Isomelt is a granular sodium formate based deicer and is an ideal replacement for rock salt, offering significantly superior ice control with no corrosion issues and complete safety for grass and trees and operators. It is simple to spread using conventional salt spreading equipment.