Roads & Bridges

OMEX’s range of liquid deicers has been developed to minimise corrosion and maximise deicing performance.  Normally, common salt is used for highway deicing.  Whilst carrying a low material cost, salt causes issues due to its’ corrosive effects, particularly on bridge construction materials and the vehicles that use the roads. 

It is possible to reduce the rate of salt required to achieve successful ice control and to improve the speed of the deicing action, by wetting the salt immediately prior to application using the OMEX potassium acetate based deicer, Isomex .  This pre-wetted salt can be spread more accurately and is less prone to being displaced by traffic.

In highly sensitive situations, Isomex is used as the sole deicing agent on bridges and elevated structures, eliminating the use of salt.



A granular non-corrosive deicer.


Maintaining safe conditions for railway customers is vital throughout the winter.