Plant SAP Analysis and Tailor Made Fertilizers

OMEX Agrifluids offers a full nutritional analysis service to its overseas customers using the facilities of the OMEX SAP laboratories in the UK.

These laboratories specialise in the analysis and interpretation of sap samples taken from plants growing all around the world. The sap analysis reveals the plant’s current nutritional status in a more accurate way than conventional tissue testing.

bio lab

Individual interpretation of each sap sample is carried out by a team of qualified agronomists, allowing recommendations to be made for the active nutritional management of the crop.

These recommendations can be faxed or emailed within 2 or 3 days from the receipt of the samples and can result if necessary in tailor-made products/ fertilisers/ nutrients/ being produced to suit specific deficiencies or growing conditions.

The concept of tailor-making plant nutrition products to suit individual customer needs is one for which Omex Agrifluids is renowned.

SAP® is a registered trademark of the Scientific Agricultural Partnership.

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