Fully Equipped Laboratory

The fully equipped laboratories of OMEX in the UK offer an in-depth analysis and recommendations for treatment of all the possible problems which can occur within the wastewater treatment industry.

This usually entails a site visit, lab analysis of the effluent, where OMEX analyses treatment performance of the wastewater and then a trial onsite before a final tailor-made solution is formulated. 

Methane Potential Analysis

OMEX can provide methane potential analysis with an AMPTS machine ( Automatic Methane Potential Test System), used for investigating biogas production capabilities of feedstock used in biogas plants and Anaerobic Digestors. 

OMEX can also assess the outcome of the addition of Nutromex TEA solution (trace element additives) to a digester to demonstrate the benefits of supplementation.

Metals Analysis

OMEX provides a metals analysis service using a modern ICPS (Inductive Coupled Plasma-Spectrophotometer). The ICP Spectrophotometer is capable of detecting metals and non-metals, including essential trace elements, analysis for low and high concentrations of total nitrogen (ammonia/urea/nitrogen). This is achieved by ionization of the sample with inductively coupled plasma and then ion quantification using a mass spectrometer. 

Neutralisation Efficiency Analysis

OMEX can assess the efficiency of a wastewater treatment plant (neutralisation efficiency, metals removal, and sludge reduction) and the imp[rovements possible as a result of using Magmex (magnesium hydroxide) or Calmex (calcium hydroxide) suspensions.

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