Onsite Trials

OMEX has its own equipment dedicated for use with Magmex trials on customers’ premises. This allows plant and operations Managers to trial Magmex products on their Industrial Treatment Plants without having to alter any existing infrastructure or to invest in capex.

OMEX has a range of trials units from an IBC flexible dosing plant that is able to fit in places where space is restricted, to bulk trials units for long term trials.

Small Scale Magmex Trials

OMEX has compact, portable dosing units of 3m3 for sites with limited space or for when Magmex will be supplied in IBCs. This unit is flexible and easy to operate and is generally used during lime/caustic replacement trials. It operates by feeding Magmex into any type of effluent treatment plant via its dosing pump.

Bulk Magmex Trials

OMEX can also provide bulk trials units that hold up to 25 tonnes of product. These systems can operate independently of effluent treatment plants as stand-alone dosing units or as part of the SCADA system for online operating and monitoring at the effluent treatment plant. The units  operate on a continuous, semi-continuous or batch (cycle) dosing basis.


In order to obtain a representative data set, it is essential that Magmex trials run until the full recommended quantity of Magmex is used. This allows for any fluctuations in production. After a few weeks operation, sufficient results should be available to assess if the trial should be continued for a longer period of time or the permanent supply of Magmex onsite can be discussed. During operation, both units are fully supported by OMEX experienced staff, who are also able to help with any further enquiries regarding OMEX products and services.

   OMEX's Bulk Trials Tankers on Site.

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