September 14, 2021 11:50 am Published by KirstyH

These apples were grown in Guatemala, using OMEX Soluble Powder Fertiliser (13-40-13+TE) on the soil and OMEX K41 on the fruit.

Intensively grown crops require high nutrient inputs to achieveΒ  satisfactory yields and quality. It is not possible to provide all these nutrients with the base fertiliser, which means supplementary feeding during the growth of the crop is required.Β  Application, via irrigation water, is an efficient way of supplying these additional nutrient requirements.

OMEX offer a comprehensive range of Advanced Soluble Powder Formulations manufactured only from technical grade raw materials and blended to exacting quality standards in the UK.Β  The OMEX range of Soluble Powder Fertilizers may be used in all fertigation systems to provide a balanced nutrient programme containing NPK, magnesium and essential chelated micro elements.

Apples grower Guatemala

Apple Grower Guatemala

OMEX K41 aids in maintaining the formation and healthy functioning of green leaf area and optimises the plant’s ability to make carbohydrates. This will result in better fruit set, sugar content, flavour, store quality, with delayed senescence and reduced impact of environmental stress.

apples orchard guatemala

Apple Orchard Guatemala


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