August 31, 2021 3:23 pm Published by gustavw

Pepper growers in Northern Mexico have been using an OMEX foliar programme of Calmax Gold 1-2 l/ha followed by K41 1-2 l/ha, which has increased consistency and improved quality.

CalMax Gold is applied during flowering. The amino acids stimulate internal chemical pathways which promote flowering and fruit set. This is then complemented with K41 for fruit filling, increased fruit weight and flavour. With this OMEX foliar combination, growers will harvest firmer, bigger and tastier peppers with an improved shelf life.

CalMax Gold corrects calcium deficiency, improves fruit set, increases yield and helps improve firmness, storability, colour and finish in a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

Calmax Gold

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K41 will aid in maintaining the formation and healthy functioning of green leaf area and optimise the plant’s ability to make carbohydrates. This will result in better fruit set, sugar content, flavour, store quality, with delayed senescence and reduced impact of environmental stress.

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