October 29, 2020 11:02 am Published by gustavw
Potato Dig CalMax

Despite a challenging year with COVID-19, the trials team have kept up momentum out in the field and in the bio lab, providing fresh trials data that is used to refine recommendations.

A recent trial at Heading Purls Bridge, Colony Farm, was aimed to identify the effects of a CalMax application, on the marketable yield & tuber numbers of maincrop Nectar potatoes.  CalMax is a high quality foliar suspension fertilizer containing 22.5% calcium (CaO), 15% nitrogen (N), 3% magnesium (MgO) and a range of EDTA chelated trace elements. It is specially formulated for foliar application ensuring there is maximum uptake and utilisation of nutrients by the plant.

The treatment of CalMax was applied by Side Ridge Injection (SRi). SRi can place liquids in the ridge or bed after crop emergence with minimal disturbance. This is a more accurate and effective method than topical or foliar applications.

calmax trials                             calmax trials

As seen in the results, the treatment of CalMax had a positive impact on both marketable yield and tuber numbers. There was an improved increase of 15.36% in tuber numbers and 16.34% in marketable yield. 

Further benefits of CalMax on potatoes 

CalMax prevents a number of calcium linked disorders in a wide range of vegetable crops for example Internal Rust Spot in potatoes.
•Increasing tuber calcium levels via CalMax promotes longer storage life and resistance to a range of physiological break down conditions.
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