May 11, 2022 10:24 am Published by KirstyH
As nutrient use efficiency becomes ever more critical for growers due to the rising input costs and increasing sustainability pressures, we look at the advantages of using foliar nutrition🌱🚿

A foliar fertilizer programme can boost nutrient efficiency, without over applying nutrition, whilst also controlling costs.

✅ Foliar fertilizers provide an instantly available form of nutrition, bypassing problems associated with solid base fertilizer, including insufficient nutrition to meet requirements.
✅ This may be due to a drain on a particular macronutrient later in crop development. More generally, it is also because a large proportion of a nutrient is locked up in the soil and therefore unavailable for uptake.
✅ The prompt nutrient mobilization that foliar feeding offers means growers can react in a more immediate corrective manner and apply the precise quantities needed to fulfil the crop’s nutrient requirements.
✅ Using a liquid foliar system can help reduce fertilizer input due to the improved accuracy and better take-up by the crops.
✅ OMEX foliar products are formulated with EBA (Enhanced Bio-Availability) technology to maximize the benefits of every application. The range features growth stage-specific foliar fertilizers, giving growers the option to supplement nutrients to the plant at any point post-germination.

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