October 8, 2020 1:31 pm Published by KirstyH

A foliar program of DP98 & CalMax has boosted the dragon fruit quality and yields here in Hainan, China 🐲

Why DP98?

DP98’s fully water soluble phosphorus source allows for exceptionally rapid uptake and absorption when applied as a foliar, thereby supplying essential phosphorus to the root zone and the crop canopy. Phosphorus promotes root activity, affecting the uptake of nutrients and water, the formation of sugars and the development of both flowers and fruit. In addition, this phosphorous plays a central role in maintaining plant health and in stimulating the activity of beneficial microbes in the root zone. Low phosphorous status can result in slow growth rates, poor fruit set and low Brix levels.

Why CalMax?

Designed to improve Calcium nutrition, correct deficiencies, reduce the impact of heat stress and promote the development of healthy growth. Calcium is vital for activating enzymes that promote growth and stimulate immune system responses. In addition, Calcium acts as a binding agent that is essential to the structure of stems, roots and fruits. Low Calcium status results in low vigour, slow development of shoot and root, reduced nutrient recovery and increased biotic stress.

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