August 4, 2022 12:48 pm Published by KirstyH

Thank you to Mr Patidar for taking the time to send us this fantastic testimonial 😎

” I am a farmer from Ratlam district of Madhya Pradesh, India.Β  Currently I have planted soybean (7322) crop on my field.Β  In the last one or two years, the roots of soybean plant are not developing properly, due to which the plant’s height-full-sentence fruit centering was also not being done properly. Its result was coming directly on production, so this year I did seed treatment of soybean seeds with OMEX KingFol 70, its result was very good to me.Β  The farmers in the nearby fields who did not treat it, there is a big difference between the growth of their soybean and the growth of my soybean.


Bio 20 and Zinc 70 soybean field

The size of the roots of my soybean is almost double than their roots and is strong, I am OMEX’s product since last 5 to 6 years. First of all I used these products in garlic and onion, in this year I used them for seed treatment in soybean but I am also using these products in soybean for 5 years now my soybean is 31 days old. I have done soyabean today in OMEX company’s OMEX Bio 20 I have sprayed so that the plant will develop at a fast pace and the flower and fruit stage will also remain good, I will do the next spray after 12 days in which I will use Micromax product of Omex Company’s Liquid Fertilizer range has proved to be a boon for the farmers.Β Β Thanks”

Thanks to you Mr Patidar πŸ‘


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