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Great results from India, using Ca+B on potatoes which has prevented growth cracking.

In the video, Sagar Patidaras, a farmer from district Dewas was concerned about his problem of potatoes being cracked in his field.  An OMEX Team Member visited his field, analyzed the problem, and found the solution.  The product recommended for this purpose was Calcium and Ca+B,  which resolved the cracking disorder.

Growth cracking is an external noninfectious physiological disorder of the potato tuber in which the tuber splits while growing.  The classic cause of growth cracking is sudden growth following rapid and uneven water uptake. This can happen when heavy rain or excess irrigation is followed by a hot, dry period. The cells at the core of the potato tuber expand more rapidly than the tougher outer layer and skin cells can’t cope with so the outer layer splits or bursts.

The cracks usually heal over as the tuber continues to grow, but the tubers can be rejected for the fresh market because they are visually unappealing and hard work to peel. They are also rejected for processing because automatic peelers would have to cut too deep and cause too much wastage to produce a clean peeled potato. The result is that split potatoes go either to waste or for low value animal feed.

There are theories that deficiencies (low Boron and Calcium) can reduce the flexibility of the tuber cells and increase the risk of cracking. Too much fertiliser, especially nitrogen, when applied in excess or when the application of nitrogen fertilizer is not properly time, can cause rapid growth and make the problem worse.  There is also a link between low boron levels in the soil and increased intensity of growth cracks (Hiller, Koller, and Thornton 1985)

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“It is highly recommended that Omex products have excellent results and one should use these products by taking them from a dealer or concerned omex person” Sagar Patidaras

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