May 22, 2018 5:14 pm Published by KirstyH

Radishes, radishes, radishes!

With so many amazing health benefits associated with radishes who wouldn’t want to increase their yield and quality with OMEX Bio 20?!?

OMEX Agrifluids are experts in plant health and nutrition.  These radishes were treated with 2.5litres/ha of OMEX Bio 20 (20-20-20+macro+chelated miconutrients) applied every 15 days.

OMEX Bio 20 is a biostimulant combining mineral nutrition with the proven growth stimulant qualities of seaweed.

OMEX Bio 20 has been formulated to maximise the production of crops at risk of damage from stress conditions caused by high temperatures, soil conditions, moisture availability and disease.

OMEX Bio 20 is formulated to supply seedlings and more mature plants with essential nutrients. OMEX Bio 20 20 also includes organic material derived from a single seaweed variety which has proven beneficial effects upon plants by stimulating root development. Applications of OMEX Bio 20 20 will promote greater root biomass and therefore maximise utilisation of moisture and nutrients.




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