October 20, 2020 12:44 pm Published by KirstyH

These juicy raspberries were grown in Mexico and owe their size and firmness to applications of CalMax ……

  • CalMax protects against a wide range of disorders related to calcium deficiency
  • CalMax improves firmness in all fruit and vegetables giving increased shelf life
  • CalMax enhances resistance to crop diseases
  • CalMax Optimises yield and quality
raspberries mexico

Olof Winkler, Raspberry tunnel, Mexico

The application of CalMax products early in the crop cycle of raspberries will help to alleviate disorders.  It is well documented that the calcium level in fruit drops as maturity is reached. The application of CalMax products directly to the fruit will compensate for this.

Calcium is an important constituent in cell walls and needs to be in sufficient supply to ensure the fruit is firm enough to give optimum storage life.
This is particularly important for fruit which are destined for export markets.


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CalMax Ultra

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