November 24, 2020 4:46 pm Published by KirstyH
mango sunset

Hola from Michoacán, México!  Where applications of OMEX Bio 20 and OMEX CalMax Gold have improved the flowering and fruit set of this magnificent crop of mangoes.

OMEX Bio 20 is a seaweed-based biostimulant containing macro and chelated micronutrients.  OMEX Bio 20 combines mineral nutrition with the proven growth-promoting qualities of seaweed, this formulation provides the stimulus for healthy, active growth.   Plants respond by producing greater root mass and green leaf area, giving improved flower/fruit set and higher tolerance to environmental stress.  In Mangoes, OMEX Bio 20 acts as a stimulant to promote flowering and accelerates fruit set, the transition between flower formation and a growing fruit.

OMEX CalMax Gold is a foliar fertilizer containing calcium together with nitrogen, magnesium and trace elements plus amino acids.  OMEX CalMax Gold is applied during flowering, the amino acids stimulate internal chemical pathways which promote fruit set.  OMEX CalMax Gold corrects calcium deficiency, improves fruit set, increases yield and helps improve firmness, storability, colour and finish in a range of fruits and vegetables (including mangoes!).

Applications were made every 20 days since the trees entered the flowering season at a rate of 2lt/ha of OMEX Bio 20 and 2 lt/ha of OMEX CalMax Gold.


Mangoes Mangoes floweringMangoes floweringMangoes fruit setMangoes fruit setMango trees



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