September 6, 2018 12:48 pm Published by KirstyH

The OMEX range of foliar applied Calcium products continues to flourish

At OMEX we take plant health very seriously and strive to produce the most effective foliar nutrients possible.  OMEX’s Calcium range of foliar applied fertilizers are tried and tested around the globe.  The calcium is more readily translocated through the plant than with other foliar calcium sources.  The range includes: OMEX CalMax, OMEX CalMax Gold, OMEX CalMax Ultra.

Test results have shown that the OMEX CalMax range is more efficient than standard calcium sources at placing calcium into the right part of the plant at the most efficient level.

 Why is Calcium so important?

  • Form – taken up as ionic Ca2+ Calcium is essential for cell division and development of the active root and shoot tips. Calcium plays a central role in plant structure both above and below ground.
  • Function – Calcium is vital for activating enzymes that promote growth and stimulate immune system responses. In addition, Calcium acts as a binding agent that is essential to the structure of stems, roots and fruits. Low Calcium status results in low vigour, slow development of shoot and root, reduced nutrient recovery and increased biotic stress.
  • Symptoms – low Calcium status affects rapidly expanding tissue such as new leaves, roots and developing fruit. Meristems fail to expand and growing points become necrotic. Leaf scorch, tip burn and blossom end rot are classic symptoms of low Calcium status, all of which are worse during conditions that promote rapid growth.
  • Significance – as mobility within the plant is very low, Calcium demand can readily exceed supply, creating stress can restrict leaf, root and fruit development. As Calcium is only taken up by a very small fraction of new roots, anything that restricts root development will affect Calcium uptake.
  • Actions –  check soil Calcium status and correct if necessary. Maintain plant Phosphorous and Zinc level to optimise root development and Calcium uptake. Foliar feed with Calcium during periods of heat or moisture stress.


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