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OMEX Quad 14 provides soluble calcium to the plant to prevent deficiencies associated with this element which usually occur during periods of water stress and high transpiration rates.

The presence of phosphorus and potassium in the formulation ensures balanced nutrition to aid rapid recovery from stress periods.  Quad 14 is for use on potatoes, brassicas, lettuce, fruit, leafy salads, protected edibles and ornamentals.  Apply Quad 14 to alleviate calcium deficiency and strengthen cell walls, resulting in reduced susceptibility to infection and increased shelf life.

Calcium is an important nutrient that effects both yield and quality in soft fruit, tree fruit and vegetables.

Calcium deficiency is associated with disorders caused by cell collapse, e.g.

  • Tip burn (lettuce, strawberries)
  • Bitterpit (apples)
  • Internal Rust Spot (potatoes)

    Cell wall

Tip Burn

Caused by poor transport of calcium from roots to leaves and developing flowers and fruit.

Effect on Disease Infection

  • Calcium has been demonstrated to play an important role in reducing susceptibility to a variety of diseases on soft fruit.
  • Improved resistance is associated with preservation of cell wall and middle lamella structure (Lara, 2004).

    Botrytis cinerea

Fruit Firmness

  • Soft Fruit has a short post harvest shelf-life, mainly due to rapid loss of firm texture
  • Cell wall thickness
  • Strength
  • Turgor
  • Cell to cell adhesion (Pectate lysase)
  • All associated strongly with low levels of calcium (Lanauskas, 2006)

How to use Calcium effectively

Timing is crucial

  • To prevent Tip Burn use when hot or damp
  • To improve fruit setting apply at flowering
  • To improve firmness apply as fruit ripens

Placement is crucial

  • Transport of Calcium is dependent on transpiration
  • Always apply to target tissue (e.g. fruit or edible leaves)

Coastal California.  Various forms and rate of phosphites and phosphates were compared on lettuce production. The Quad 14 was the superior treatment in terms of yield (grams/head). The treatment also reduced Downy Mildew infection.

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