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As one can see an application of 2/lt ha of Seastar-F has increased the mean head weight of lettuce from 48.18g to 57.53g.  OMEX Seastar-F is an organic growth stimulant, applications result in increased root growth and yield in a wide range of crops.

seastar f lettuce trial

OMEX trial on lettuce, variety Green Batavia Foliar treatment, applied 5 Jun Assessed 16 Jun  (11 DAT), Fresh Weight, 10 plants per treatment

OMEX Seastar-F is a concentrated seaweed extract solution, produced from the Atlantic algal species Laminaria digitata.  Laminaria digitata is very rich in iodine, alginates (for improved nutrient uptake), oligosaccharides, hormones and amino acids (for improved growth and stress-resistance).

Importance of Alginates:

  • Alginates act as an effective physical wetting agent for foliar applications
  • Increase the cellular permeability of crop leaves
  • Increase the assimilation of co-applied pesticides
  • Increase the assimilation of co-applied trace elements
  • Stimulate the root system and vegetative development
  • Improve the level of starch
  • Play a role in the development of colouring
  • Activate the phenolic pathways ethylene and the salicylic acid for a better regulation of crop stress

Oligosaccharides, hormones and amino acids:

  • Stimulate plant defences
  • Increase photosynthesis.
  • Reduce abiotic stresses – leading to:
  • Increased flowering and fruit set
  • Earlier and more even crop maturity
  • Improved utilisation of soil-supplied and applied nutrition.
  • Increased sugar levels in fruits.
  • Improved quality of the end product.


  • A polysaccharide of glucose which develops the biosynthesis of flavonoids (colouring system)
  • Stimulates the production of phytoalexins which activate the natural defences
  • Develops the biosynthesis of phenolic compounds


  • A sugar alcohol which works as an osmoregulator
  • Improves tolerance of cold
  • Improves the level of proteins
  • Improves flowering
  • Functions as a crop defence elicitor
  • Plays a major role in cellular detoxification
  • Delays the senescence of cells and reduces the production of ethylene

For more information on Seastar-F please contact: enquiries@agrifluids.com

Seastar-F seaweed

A concentrated organic seaweed extract solution

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