April 7, 2020 9:46 am Published by KirstyH
seed treatment

Then why not try one of our amazing seed treatments! This maize was treated with 5ml of Primer Bio Zn per kg of seed πŸšΏπŸ˜€.

Zinc is a key element in plant metabolism which has many functions including:
β€’ Formation and modulation of various enzymes. This activity is important throughout the life of the plant but is critical at germination and early root and shoot development.
β€’ Protein synthesis. The presence of zinc is very important at times of rapid tissue growth when it is involved directly in conversion of amino acids into protein. Zinc deficient plants accumulate amino acids and do not produce sufficient protein to develop.
β€’ Production of essential plant hormones. Zinc deficient plants display symptoms of stunted growth associated with disturbed auxin production.
β€’ Membrane integrity. It is thought that zinc is important in reducing membrane permeability, thus improving the plant’s ability to withstand oxidative stress.
β€’ High levels of phosphorus can induce zinc deficiency in soils with low zinc levels.

Primer Bio Zn is a high concentration suspension seed treatment containing zinc and a natural biostimulant derived from seaweed.Β  The application of Primer Bio Zn to seed ensures the crop has the best start possible by providing optimum levels of zinc for enzyme and protein production.Β  The seaweed extract stimulates rapid root development by providing natural auxins and cytokinins in the correct ratio. This dual action early root and shoot development promotes even germination and allows the crop to rapidly take up water and nutrients.Β  Treated plants are better able to withstand stress and to optimise yield potential.


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