January 6, 2021 1:50 pm Published by LauraG
wastewater treatment solutions

OMEX Environmental ltd are leading experts in the field of wastewater treatment solutions.

With over 30 years’ experience, OMEX have a vast knowledge on what is needed for wastewater treatment plants to operate at their maximum potential. OMEX products are designed to help you operate in a safe and environmentally friendly manner ensuring compliant discharge to sewer and surface water and saving you overall on operational costs.

OMEX have a specific range of wastewater treatment solutions to deal with all types of wastewater concerns such as acidic wastewater, septicity treatment and sludge control.

These products include Magmex, a safe alternative to caustic and lime, designed to control pH levels within both aerobic and anaerobic systems, Nutromex, Nitrogen and Phosphorous solutions to help with the biology of a plant and Anomex, sodium and calcium nitrate solutions, to prevent sulphide gas build up in municipal sewage treatment plants.

Read more about these wastewater treatment solutions here.

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