March 1, 2022 5:06 pm Published by KirstyH

Watermelon growers in Grenada have been using a foliar program of Bio 20,  Phortify and Calmax which provides a balanced nutritional program for optimal watermelon yield and quality whilst also improving firmness, shelf life health and disease resistance.

Why Bio 20?

Bio 20 combines mineral nutrition with the proven growth-promoting qualities of seaweed, this formulation provides the stimulus for healthy, active growth. Plants respond by producing greater root mass and green leaf area, giving improved flower/fruit set and higher tolerance to environmental stress. Bio 20 is a seaweed-based foliar fertilizer containing macro and chelated micronutrients. For further product information, click on the bottle:

Bio 20 bottle

Why pHortify?

pHortify combines the essential nutrients required for enhancing natural plant defence, pHortify promotes both health and growth, leading to greater root and canopy development. In most plants, better flower/fruit set, improved bulking and reduced disease pressure can result from routine applications.  pHortify improves plant nutrient health and disease resistance.  pHortify improves rooting action and increases fruit set. Higher solids content. Increases yield and post harvest quality enhancements. Improves foliar uptake of cations (i.e. K, Ca, Mg, Mn). For further product information, click on the bottle:

pHortify bottle

Why CalMax?

Calmax is designed to improve Calcium nutrition, correct deficiencies, reduce the impact of heat stress and promote the development of healthy growth. Calcium is vital for activating enzymes that promote growth and stimulate immune system responses. For further product information, click on the bottle:

CalMax Ultra




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