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OMEX is a world leader in the formulation and manufacture of innovative plant nutrient fertilizers.
Exporting its products to over 80 countries.

OMEX CalMax –  For perfect quality fruit and vegetables

  • CalMax protects against a wide range of disorders related to calcium deficiency
  • CalMax improves firmness in all fruit and vegetables giving increased shelf life
  • CalMax enhances resistance to crop diseases
  • CalMax Optimises yield and quality

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    The importance of calcium in fruit and vegetables

    • Calcium is one of the main constitutes of cell walls in plants. When it is in short supply, the structure of the cells weaken, resulting in various disorders.
    • Calcium is instrumental in protecting the plant from toxins and slows down the ageing process.
    • Deficiency symptoms can occur even when there are adequate levels present in the soil.
    • Calcium is not very mobile in the plant and during periods of rapid growth or stress, the supply of this element to low transpiring organs like fruit or young leaves can be impacted.
    • Stress periods are often attributable to hot, dry weather, drying winds or high humidity.
    • Excessive use of nitrogen or potassium fertilisers can inhibit calcium uptake from the soil.
    • There is evidence to show that calcium plays a major role in protecting plants against fungal attack by helping to provide a physical barrier.
    • Calcium is essential for cell division and development of the active root and shoot tips. Calcium plays a central role in plant structure both above and below ground

    The application of CalMax products early in the crop cycle will help to alleviate disorders.  It is well documented that the calcium level in fruit drops as maturity is reached. The application of CalMax products directly to the fruit will compensate for this.  Calcium is an important constituent in cell walls and needs to be in sufficient supply to ensure the fruit is firm enough to give optimum storage life.  This is particularly important for fruit which are destined for export markets.