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Acidic Wastewater Treatment

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Industrial treatment processes can produce acidic wastewater streams, which must be neutralised before discharge to meet pH, metal and other trade effluent discharge consents. OMEX supply Magmex, a safe and easy to regulate alternative to the more traditional hazardous products such as caustic soda.

What is it

A range of Magnesium Hydroxide suspensions for treating acidic wastewater and controlling pH levels within both anaerobic and aerobic systems. Available in both bulk and IBC containers.

Why and when to use it

Traditionally, sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) and calcium hydroxide (lime) have been used to neutralise acidic solutions. However, these compounds are reactive and can cause high pH levels if not controlled correctly. The Magmex range is the environmentally friendly answer to the neutralisation of acidic wastewater. It is safe, ready-to-use and overcomes the majority of problems associated with the traditional acid neutralisers such as caustic soda or lime. It binds the hydrogen sulphide immediately during formation, therefore allowing the digestion process to occur uninhibited resulting in optimal biogas yields and methane content.

What to expect

Magmex helps improve the process by reducing sludge volumes, improving flocculation and naturally buffering at around pH 9-9.5 meaning biological plants are safe from overdose.

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