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Without suitable treatment, sewage and wastewater can damage the environment and create public health problems. One of the problems associated with this is odour complaints which are caused when bacteria in the wastewater utilise all the available oxygen and reduce any sulphates present to sulphides. These sulphides produce the characteristically unpleasant “rotten egg” smell. This lack of air supply, stagnant areas and warm temperatures all promote undesirable biological activity, which results in severe acid corrosion and septicity causing severe damage to sewers.
OMEX supplies a range of sodium nitrate and calcium nitrate solutions to help prevent these issues which can occur.

What is it

Anomex are non-hazardous blends of sodium and calcium nitrate for simple and accurate dosing.

Why and when to use it

Odour problems are of growing concern to wastewater treatment and municipal sewage treatment plant operators. Hydrogen sulphide is usually the major gaseous component with the typical ‘bad egg’ smell, detectable at very low levels. Anomex has been developped to prevent this sulphide gas build up by substituing nitrogen into the microbial respiratory processes.

What to expect

Anomex prevents sulphide gas build up, metal corrosion of tanks and pipes and prevents unpleasant odours.

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