Growing Potatoes

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Growing Potatoes?

Here’s how OMEX liquid fertilisers can help

OMEX have been working with farmers for over 45 years to improve plant health, quality and yield of their potato crops.

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From bespoke solution fertilizer for potatoes to get the crop off to a healthy start, to foliar fertilisers giving the plant a helping hand along the way, OMEX offer the full nutritional range.


Mhairi Robertson, Sales Manager Scotland:

“At OMEX we offer a bespoke nutritional service throughout the growing season, getting the plant off to the right start with a range of starter fertilisers, boosting plant health during active growth, and protecting your nitrogen application along the way. I’m on hand to give crop nutrition recommendations, and advise you on the best course of action for a high quality, profitable crop. You can rest assured your potato crop will get what it needs, when it needs it.”


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