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    Highly concentrated suspension fertilizer containing NPK, magnesium and chelated trace elements


    To stimulate plant nutrient health and vigour, and to increase the plants ability to withstand pests and diseases.


    Improves yield quality and appearance, confers tolerance to black pod disease by improving nutritional health. Reduces nutritional deficiencies and relieves periods of stress.

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    Are you growing Cocao - the latest trend in superfood? OMEX CocoBoost is a foliar fertilizer that's designed to nourish Cocao pods, suppress black pod disease and is certified by the Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria. See below, photographs of OMEX CocoBoost being successfully trialled here in Ghana. For further information, please contact:   ... Continue reading cocoboost

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      A suspension fertilizer containing phosphite, phosphorous and potassium, with copper, zinc and manganese.
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      A high analysis potassium solution to correct deficiencies of potassium in a wide range of crops.  OMEX K50 also helps the plant create a leaf environment uninviting to leaf pathogens such as powdery mildew and botrytis.