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    DP98 is a plant health promoter, it is a fully water soluble phosphorous (PO3) source allows for exceptionally rapid uptake and absorption when applied as a foliar.


    Phosphorous is essential to all plants for optimum yields. Base phosphatic fertilisers often fail to supply the crop with sufficient phosphorous. Factors such as soil type, soil moisture and soil pH can interrupt the supply of phosphorous to the crop especially at critical periods during the development phase.


    DP98 improves plant nutrient health and disease resistance. Improves rooting action and increases fruit set. Higher solids content. Increases yield and post harvest quality enhancements. Improves foliar uptake of cations (i.e. K, Ca, Mg, Mn)

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    A foliar program of DP98 & CalMax has boosted the dragon fruit quality and yields here in Hainan, China 🐲 Why DP98? DP98’s fully water soluble phosphorus source allows for exceptionally rapid uptake and absorption when applied as a foliar, thereby supplying essential phosphorus to the root zone and the crop canopy. Phosphorus promotes root activity, affecting the uptake of nutrients and... Continue reading dp98

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    Avocados are mainly produced in the central areas of Mexico - Michoacán and Jalisco account for 90% of avocado production. The avocado has a production all year round, with 2 or 3 flowering seasons and production. OMEX Agrifluids apply a complete program of plant nutrient fertilizers and biostimulants, which include Bio 20, CalMax Super (Gold), Kingfol Zn, K41 and DP98. OMEX Foliar Program... Continue reading dp98

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