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    Kingfol Manganese is a highly concentrated manganese liquid fertilizer designed to correct manganese deficiency.  Kingfol foliar nutrients are formulated using high quality mineral elements, to give the following benefits:

    • Concentrated liquid formulations to minimise handling, packaging, transport and application rates
    • Widely tank-mixable with agrochemicals
    • Formulated with uptake enhancers to optimise performance over time
    • Disperses easily with no need for pre-mixing
    • Single element formulations to correct specific deficiencies

    Conforms with Regulation (EU) 2019/1009 of the European Parliament and the Council of 5 June 2019 (EU fertilising products)


    The micronutrient manganese is involved in many enzyme systems within the plant. Deficiencies are common in a wide range of crops. Manganese can be poorly absorbed from the soil and foliar applications are often a routine part of crop production.

    Low manganese status affects younger leaves and active growing points. Plants display slow growth, lax canopy and low vigour. Young leaves show a distinct mottled interveinal chlorosis.  Manganese deficiency restricts the conversion of sunlight to plant energy, resulting in slow growth rates, poor development and low tolerance to both biotic and abiotic stress. Low manganese status is often associated with alkaline soils and cold, wet growing conditions.  Check soil status and root development for compaction.


    Seed treatment and routine foliar treatment can be very effective, especially during the early stages of plant development and times of stress. Kingfol Manganese prevents and corrects manganese deficiency.

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