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    OMEX SuperMn is a highly concentrated foliar fertilizer containing 11.5% Mn with nitrogen, manganese & sulphur


    Manganese deficiency can seriously impair crop growth. Low manganese status results in slow growth, low disease resistance and poor nitrogen use.

    • Manganese plays a major role in photosynthesis and number of enzyme systems within the plant.
      A wide range of crops are susceptible to manganese deficiency including cereals, vegetables, brassicas, fruit, root crops and horticultural produce.
      Manganese deficiency is most likely to occur on organic soils with a pH value at or above 6.5.
      Problems with manganese deficiency can also occur with shallow rooted plants especially where soil pH is high.
      Manganese deficient plants are chlorotic and slow to mature.

    Apply OMEX SuperMn where deficiency is confirmed or as a maintenance application.


    OMEX SuperMn prevents and corrects manganese deficiency

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