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    Biomex Duster is a natural product containing spores of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, a non-pathogenic micro-organism occuring naturally in the soil. The formulation of Biomex Duster is an insoluble powder containing the living spores with talc acting as the carrier.


    Biomex Duster is used to stimulate the growth of roots through colonisation of the plant roots, which increases plant tolerance to abiotic stress and reduces susceptibility to root attack by pathogens.

    Biomex Duster is suitable for potato seed dressing or mixing with soil. For best results apply as a seed coating. Efficacy will be optimised when soil temperatures exceed 10°C.


    Biomex Duster works by colonising the roots of the growing plant with the beneficial bacteria Bacillus amyloliquefaciens. The colonies shield the plant roots from pathogenic fungal attack, and secrete compounds in the vicinity of the root hairs that help to increase availability and uptake of nutrients, resulting in improved germination, improved rooting and increased plant vigour, leading to earlier bulking. Reduced disease intensity and frequency due to out-competing soil pathogens has also been observed.
    The benefits of Biomex Duster are likely be greatest in soils with a low organic matter content or naturally low microbial activity, because of the lower levels of Bacillus already present in the soil.
    Neither phytotoxic nor phytopathogenic effects have been observed in greenhouse and field trials.