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Biological Wastewater Treatment

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Nutritionally speaking, most wastewaters are unbalanced. To ensure optimal performance from the microbial population their diet needs to be balanced and the most likely macronutrients to be deficient are Nitrogen (N) and Phosphorous (P).

What is it

A range of Nitrogen and Phosphorus blends. The normal ratio for aerobic plants with no N or P input is 5:1 but all ratios from 100%N to 100%P can be provided to optimise plant performance. Available in both bulk and containers.

Why and when to use it

In biological wastewater systems, micro-organisms metabolise the soluble pollution, producing carbon dioxide, water and more micro-organisms (sludge). To do this, with optimum efficiency, the micro-organisms need a balanced diet that contains the correct ratios of mineral nutrients. Nutritionally, most wastewaters are unbalanced particularly in Nitrogen (N) and Phosphorus (P). This is where Nutromex can help.

What to expect

Nutromex NP has several benefits for the process including optimal COD and BOD removal, minimised solids loss, ensuring a stable operation and minimising fluctuations in N and P outlet.

After placing an order with Omex Ltd I was most impressed with their level of custom care. It was the most excellent service I have received for a long time, on speaking my name the lady in customer services knew my exact order and needs, proving that they really do care and make a point of getting to know their customers. Rowena Goodwin - Northwood Tissue Ltd

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