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On our mission to sustainably feed a growing population we’re working with farmers to provide quality liquid fertiliser and crop nutrition.

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Grow with OMEX Liquid Fertilisers

Working with you to grow a greener future

At OMEX we’re committed to providing the UK market with expert advice and quality liquid fertiliser and crop nutrition.

We’re continually investing in our infrastructure to ensure you have the right product, in the right place at the right time. Our unrivalled distribution network of 11 nationwide hubs is reducing driven miles to farm and providing you with product when you need it.

Our 540,000t annual storage capacity offfers continued security of supply, with support from our 100+ UK staff including our FACTS qualified advisors. As part of our Greener Planet Commitment our dedicated R&D department continually tests our existing product range and scopes out new sustainable options.

We’re here to help you grow.

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Liquid Nitrogen Plus Sulphur Fertiliser Range

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Liquid NPK Plus Sulphur Fertiliser Range

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Plant Health and Crop Nutrition Range

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As a group of companies we’re dedicated to sustainably feeding and powering a growing population

The OMEX Group

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Security of Supply – All Year Round

We’re passionate about continuously offering security of supply, building strong relationships to ensure you have product when you need it.

We recently welcomed the largest vessel of UAN the port of Dundee has ever seen and the UK’s largest vessel of UAN.

Our 300+ road tankers are reducing driven miles to farm with a distribution hub located strategically to farms across the UK.

We’re here to support your farm

Reduce ammonia emissions and farm more sustainably

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The same as everybody who’s switched to liquid – we wish we’d done it years ago.

Andrew Ward, MBE

Andrew Ward OMEX


Our sustainability journey and mission to decarbonise liquid fertiliser.

Benefits of Liquid Fertiliser OMEX


Thinking of going liquid? We’re here to help!

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