Bio Laboratory and Greenhouse

bio laboratoryThe Bio Lab at OMEX Agrifluids provides facilities which allow for seed germination and plant growth trials to be carried out in environmentally controlled conditions.  The laboratory is equipped with climate control chambers, allowing a range of trials to be carried out simultaneously.  This facility enables the trials team to replicate the growth conditions faced by customers.  

Growth conditions which produce abiotic stress on target crops can also be created to aid in the continued development of OMEX products which are designed to improve plant health during drought, after flooding, and in saline conditions. 

Alongside the internal trials being performed on OMEX products, both commercially available and in development, the Bio Lab facilities have allowed OMEX to enter into collaboration with several external research organisations. These organisations include The James Hutton Institute, with whom OMEX is developing a range of products to actively boost the resistance of crops to pests and disease, thereby reducing dependence on biocides.




In addition to the Bio Lab, the Greenhouse facilities allow the field trials team to run small to medium scale pot trials, in controlled conditions for screening purposes. This enables initial tests to be performed which will identify the best formulations to progress onto field trials.

Both the Bio Lab and the Greenhouse will allow the Product Development team to work more closely with the field trials staff, encouraging greater collaboration, and allowing OMEX formulations to be tailored more specifically to crops and environmental conditions. 


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