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The Multiflo NPKS fertiliser range of liquid fertilisers has been technically engineered to offer farmers the most efficient and effective range of NPKS fertiliser.

The Multiflo NPKS liquid fertiliser range offers farmers a range of grades includes NP’s, NK’s and NPK’s, which are all available with sulphur to boost efficiency.

Multiflo ensures the crop gets off to the best start and ensures optimum nutrition levels thanks to its liquid composition, allowing easy uptake by the crop. The unique liquid grades within the Multiflo range are true compounds, where each droplet contains the complete analysis of nutrients. As a result every square centimeter of crop is guaranteed to receive the required ratio of NPKS.

Multiflo boasts a 100% soluble form of P, derived from the highest quality sources, meaning farmers can rest assured their crops are receiving optimum levels of nutrition.

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Multiflo NPKS Fertiliser Benefits

Improved crop response from NPKS nutrients in a uniform liquid concentration
Instant liquid uptake by the crop improving efficiency
No wastage and no plastic bag disposal
100% Soluble P
From a quality crop available source
Single person application from a dedicated on farm tank
From soil sampling to harvest, our FACTS qualified advisors are here to support

What are NPKS fertilisers?

NPK fertilisers consist of three key nutrients for crop growth: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K).
The OMEX Multiflo range is comprised of NP, NK and three tiers of NPK grades – equivalent PK, high P and high K. The range has been expertly engineered to offer farmers the most effective choices for a multitude of growing situations.

The S symbolises sulphur, which is an important element in crop growth and is available with all Multiflo grades.

Why choose a liquid NPKS fertiliser?

It’s important the crop is getting the correct levels of nutrition, and as a farm business you’re getting the best levels of efficiency out of the product you apply. Liquid NPKS fertiliser is immediately available for crop growth, without needing time to dissolve into the soil. Liquid NPKS fertiliser Multiflo has a number of benefits farmers can enjoy, including:

  • Improved accuracy
  • Efficiency, instant uptake by the crop
  • Application right up to the field margin
  • No wastage (unused fertiliser is returned to the tank)
  • Single person application
  • 100% soluble P
  • Dedicated tank storage, freeing up valuable farm storage
  • No offloading with a forklift
  • No plastic bag disposal

Sustainable NPKS fertiliser choice

As a liquid fertiliser, Multiflo offers farmers a more sustainable option for their NPKS fertiliser. Unlike granular alternatives, liquid NPKS Mulitflo is applied evenly and accurately right up to the field margin ensuring no fertiliser leaches into nearby watercourses. Multiflo is housed within a dedicated farm storage, meaning no plastic bag disposal and any unused product can be returned straight to your on farm storage site, quickly and effectively.
OMEX’s UK based distribution team deliver Multiflo from our network of distribution facilities, reducing road miles and utilising the most effective routes to farm.

Multiflo Grades for Growth

The Multiflo NPKS range has been developed with a variety of ratios to ensure a high quality grade is available for a multitude of growing scenarios. All grades are available with sulphur for improved efficiency:

Dedicated Liquid Fertiliser Tank Storage

OMEX employ a dedicated tank storage scheme staff, dedicated to helping farmers site and maintain their on-farm tank storage. The team has a number of years experience, providing customers with tanks for their Nitroflo NS Liquid Fertiliser.
Farmers can free up valuable shed and storage space and utilise a dedicated OMEX fertiliser storage tank. The team will help you decide the most effective place for you to site the tank for your farming operations and guide you through the safest bund guidelines, to ensure you’re protecting both your fertiliser and the environment.

Advice on choosing the best NPKS fertiliser

The FACTS qualified OMEX team will work with you to establish the most effective package for your crop and your farm. The team have centuries of experience between them, backed with scientific R&D knowledge from the global OMEX research department. Speak to your local expert, here.

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Driver Farms
"As part of our long term business strategy, we are aiming to greatly reduce our use of pesticides. OMEX sap testing allows us to gauge if we need to add specific nutrients to the crops. The aim is to create healthier plants that are more resilient to pest and pathogen attack."
Driver Farms

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