Technical Support

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Our team of agronomists give technical support and advice to customers worldwide, growing all types of crop from Agave to Zucchini. We work very closely with distributors possessing excellent knowledge and regional expertise.
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  • Research & Development

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    OMEX is dedicated to improving its existing range of innovative super-concentrated liquid fertilizers and pioneering new products that are scientifically proven, to ensure customers receive the most efficient products for increasing yield and quality, with minimal environmental impact.


    Support & Services
    OMEX team is equipped with qualified agronomists, highly skilled trials officers and expertly trained lab technicians to deliver effective solutions to the growers’ requirements.


    The OMEX foliar product range incorporates eba™ technology – a revolutionary formulation system designed to optimise foliar uptake and assimilation of nutrients.


    Testing Facilities Worldwide
    Fully equipped laboratories & partnerships with major research institutions allows testing of new products and techniques.


    Extensive field trials
    In the field, hand-held scanning equipment, remote sensing technology and fully replicated plot trials to assess OMEX products performance compared to other inputs and farming systems.
  • SAP® analysis

    SAP® analysis offers a highly accurate and topical assessment of the true nutritional status of the plant while it is growing. Whereas conventional tissue testing reports the level of nutrients in a sample, including those locked up and unavailable for growth in cell walls and storage cells. SAP analysis measures only the actual level of crop nutrients available for plant growth.
    SAP Analysis®, together with the OMEX product range, with exclusive EBA® technology, offers the best solutions to ensure a healthier and more productive plant, providing better gains to producers.

    How it works

  • Documents & Product Registration

    Documents and Product Registration

    A highly experienced team of export specialists support, assist and advise in all export procedures, with expertise in sea freight, road haulage, air logistics, documentation and product registration. The shipping requirements are unique for each particular destination, and great care is taken to ensure that the most efficient and cost effective transport routes are used.