How to apply Foliar Fertilizers

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For optimum uptake of nutrients into the plant…
  • Apply foliar fertilizers:
  • In the early morning or evening when the air humidity is high
  • To crops that are actively growing
  • Avoid:
  • Application to crops under severe stress from drought, frost or herbicide damage
  • Application in hot, dry or windy conditions
  • To ensure the best results from OMEX foliar fertilizers:

  • Always shake the container before opening
  • Part fill the spray tank with clean water
  • Add the required amount of OMEX Foliar Fertilizer, this will dissolve completely with agitation
  • Half fill the spray tank
  • Crop protection products may be added to spray tank, pre-mix prior to addition
  • Fill the spray tank under agitation

Application rates are shown in litres per hectare (l/ha), combined with a recommended water rate per hectare. When using the product on areas less than 1 hectare (10,000m2) a suggested dilution rate is given in ml of product per 100L water.

Best results are obtained when OMEX Foliar Fertilizers are applied frequently throughout the growing cycle.