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OMEX develops and manufactures a complete range of high performance liquid foliar fertilisers, each designed to promote the most efficient uptake of nutrients through crop leaves.

Bypass limiting soil conditions
Prevent nutrient deficiency
Minimise environmental impact

Target specific organs
Alleviate stress situations
Growth boosting during critical stages of plant development

Supply nutrients to plants with deep root systems
When soil application is not effective
Root damage; mechanical or biological
These speciality liquid fertilisers are packed with nutrients at far higher concentrations than normal foliar fertilisers, giving your crops the nutrition they need just when they need it.
Most of our foliar fertilisers are 100% water soluble, making them easy to apply by fertigation or foliar sprays, and are often tank mixed with ag-chem applications.

How are OMEX foliar fertilisers made?

Every one of our foliar fertilisers has been developed, refined and repeatedly tested by an expert technical team. We combine specially formulated gels with quality raw materials to create stable, highly effective foliar treatments.

Products are stringently tested throughout the development process, and finally investigated for leaf wetting and nutrient absorption inside OMEX’s dedicated biolab and controlled environment greenhouses. Only products that pass the stringent tests take their place in the OMEX foliar range.

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