Benefits of Liquid Fertilisers

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In recent years the popularity of liquid fertilisers has soared, with more and more farmers turning to the liquid alternative. OMEX offers a full range of liquid fertilisers; Suspension, Solution and Foliar.

Going liquid has a number of benefits, from accuracy to traceability

  • 1

    Improved crop response from accuracy and availability of nutrients

  • 2

    Due to OMEX SAP and Soil testing services you can ensure the crop receives exactly what it needs

  • 3

    No heavy bag handling

  • 4

    Growing with OMEX gives you complete support in caring for your crop

  • 5

    Uniform Application
    Unlike granular application, liquid is applied evenly and accurately right up to the field edge

  • 6

    Fast Acting
    The plant is immediately able to uptake the nutrients provided

“It’s a sound system that we’ve been very happy with,” Simon Hopkins

“Where liquid nitrogen has been applied, headland yields have increased by about 25%” Angus Seed

“The benefits in terms of accuracy application, storage and cost effectiveness are easy to see.” Andrew Radley