Benefits of Liquid Fertilisers

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The popularity of liquid fertiliser has soared in recent years, with more and more farmers switching to liquid fertiliser. OMEX offers a full range of liquid fertiliser: Suspension Fertiliser, Solution Fertiliser and Foliar Fertiliser.

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The Benefits Of Liquid Fertiliser

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    Liquid fertilisers offer improved crop response from accuracy and availability of nutrients to the crop

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    Thanks to OMEX SAP and Soil testing services you can ensure the crop receives exactly which liquid fertiliser it needs

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    Growing with the OMEX Liquid Fertiliser Experts gives you complete support, from planting to harvest, in caring for your crop.

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    Growing with OMEX gives you complete support in caring for your crop

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    Uniform Application
    Unlike granular application, liquid fertiliser is applied evenly and accurately right up to the field edge

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    Fast Acting
    The plant is immediately able to uptake the nutrients provided by liquid fertiliser

Here’s how OMEX liquid fertiliser can help your farm

Farmer feedback on OMEX liquid fertilisers

“It’s a sound system that we’ve been very happy with,” Simon Hopkins

“Where liquid nitrogen has been applied, headland yields have increased by about 25%” Angus Seed

“The benefits in terms of accuracy application, storage and cost effectiveness are easy to see.” Andrew Radley

OMEX Liquid Fertilisers are helping growers across the country produce better quality, higher yielding and more consistent crops. The OMEX liquid fertiliser team work with farmers 365 days a year to grow healthy crops.

How the OMEX liquid fertiliser team can help your farm


National Coverage

OMEX have Liquid Fertiliser port and storage facilities located strategically throughout the UK, to ensure the farmer has their liquid fertiliser when they need it


Local Service

OMEX employ a range of FACTS qualified liquid fertiliser experts. The liquid fertiliser team are located in key areas across the country to offer farmers local, knowledgeable, support


Security of Supply

OMEX work with trusted partners all over the world to ensure timely security of supply of liquid fertilisers for their customers

The benefits of growing with OMEX liquid fertilisers

Here's how Lincolnshire farmer, Andrew Ward, found switching to OMEX liquid fertiliser

Liquid Fertiliser Frequently Asked Questions

Is liquid fertiliser safe to use on crops?

Yes, liquid fertiliser is safe to use on crops. Follow the product guidance per each liquid fertiliser product. You can find a full range of brochures on the OMEX liquid fertiliser range, here.

Where can I buy OMEX liquid fertiliser from?

You can buy the OMEX range of liquid fertilisers direct or through a trusted list of distributors. Contact the sales team on 01526 396000 for more advice.

How will liquid fertilisers help my farm become more sustainable?

Liquid fertilisers have a number of environmental benefits. Due to their accuracy they're able to target crop the much more efficiently, and are applied exactly where the plant needs to uptake the nutrition. OMEX offer a SAP and soil analysis service, which helps farmers determine exactly how much of each nutrient is needed, which helps the farmer decide exactly how much liquid fertiliser nutrition needs to be applied to the crop.

How do I store liquid fertiliser?

Liquid Fertiliser should be stored in a securely bunded storage tank. OMEX employ a team of tank inspectors, to help farmers securely store their liquid fertiliser. The OMEX tank team work with farmers so they understand the government guidance on safely storing liquid fertilisers. You can read more here about the guidance for safe storage of liquid fertiliser.

What liquid fertilisers do OMEX offer?

OMEX offer the full range of liquid fertilisers, and are the only company in the UK to do so. OMEX offer Multiflo, Solution Fertiliser and Foliar Fertiliser to provide farmers with an array of liquid fertiliser nutrition options.