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    Liquid nitrogen for stronger growth
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The use of Solution fertiliser is soaring in the UK thanks to its superior performance and competitive cost. The OMEX Nitroflo liquid nitrogen range can significantly increase yields and improve efficiency in all agricultural settings.

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Nitroflo® Liquid Fertiliser

The OMEX Nitroflo range of liquid nitrogen fertilisers has been specially formulated to offer some of the most concentrated liquid nitrogen nutrition available in the UK.

OMEX liquid nitrogen fertilisers are designed for maximum crop response with minimum environmental impact.

As well as a full range of nitrogen plus sulphur combinations, the OMEX solution range includes high analysis compounds that are ideal for precision placement in the soil, reducing emissions and improving nutrient use efficiency. The flexibility of the Nitroflo range means inhibitors can be simply tank-mixed if conditions require, rather than unnecessary, widescale usage.

The Nitroflo range consists of the following grades: Nitroflo 30, Nitroflo 28+S, Nitroflo 26+S, Nitroflo 24+S, Nitroflo 22+S, Nitroflo 20+S, Nitroflo 15+S – for more information about each head to page 9 of our Solutions Brochure here.

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The benefits of Nitroflo liquid nitrogen for farming

Up to 20% more accurate application
Increased tramline widths up to 36m. Increased accuracy means reduced waste
Three liquid nitrogen sources
Ammonium, Nitrate and Urea
Reduced man hours
One person operation with no heavy bags
Simple application even in bad weather
liquid fertiliser can be applied when solid alternatives can’t
Optional tank storage scheme
better logistics and space management
No packaging disposal
No packaging to sort, handle or dispose of makes for a more sustainable operation

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Nitroflo liquid nitrogen fertiliser can be efficiently and accurately applied – up to field boundaries but not beyond – with standard farm machinery. The risk of liquid fertiliser scorch has been largely removed thanks to the use of specialist streamer bars and caps.

OMEX’s expert agronomists and FACTS qualified sales representatives can advise on the best practice methods that promote greater yields through the most accurate application of liquid nitrogen nutrition.

For more information on OMEX Nitroflo liquid nitrogen fertilisers please contact us.

Starter Fertilisers

OMEX solution fertilisers offer the most effective means of accurately placing nutrients with 100% solubility in the right place for the emerging seedling.
OMEX liquid starter fertilisers are also ideal for placement on drills for other crops, such as cereals, maize, and sugar beet.

Advantages of OMEX liquid starter fertilisers

  • Major saving in autumn nitrogen requirement, up to 75%
  • All of nitrogen captured by crop, reducing risk of leaching loss
  • Fully soluble phosphate
  • No dust, no blockages
  • Precise targeting of nutrients
  • Flexibility to work well within NVZ nitrogen limits
  • Available with Polymex

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Ian Cruickshank Potatoes Ltd
"I’ve been really impressed with the even-ness of my cereal crops and the resultant yield increase that’s been achieved with the switch to OMEX liquid fertiliser - so much so that I’m now using an OMEX NP starter fertiliser on potatoes, with great success so far."
Ian Cruickshank Potatoes Ltd

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